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Welcome and thank you for taking the time to find out more about our very exciting plans for the young people of Thame and the community.

We’re planning to build a bespoke youth centre, which will bring our community closer together. As well as providing youth facilities we will also be offering a community space, changing rooms, toilets and a snack counter.

The Vision

The Youth Centre will be a safe, welcoming and vibrant social hub to serve and support the young people of Thame and the surrounding area.

Opening daily, the Youth Centre will provide additional community space as well as offering a sanctuary for the young people to engage in activities, workshops or to simply relax with friends. Our goal is for them to develop, become confident and to increasingly contribute to the local community.

The building will be a modern, bright and comfortable environment; as well as offering a flexible and accessible space, which will allow other community groups to use it.

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Meet the Team

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  • Linda Newton Chair I think young people should have a place to call their own, a voice that can be heard and a group of adults who invest in them
  • James Edney Youth Worker Being involved in a community who is as invested in their young people as Thame is a great privilege and the development of a bespoke centre for the young people is something that every youth worker would dream of!
    I am truly excited by the future for Thame, its young people and its community as a whole.
  • John Savell Treasurer I see a need for a centre for young people to allow them a place of their own, a safe place to congregate, to learn, and develop as well round individuals for both themselves and the community. The town has been without a Youth facility for a number of years to its detriment and this is an ideal opportunity to provide that space and facility.
  • Aimee Gibson Trustee The young people of Thame are a generation that we need to invest in. They need to have a safe place and access to support when they need it. Our hope is that we can do that.
  • Helena Fickling Trustee I am a Trustee of the TYPG because I passionately believe that It is vital that all young people should have the best opportunities and facilities possible and someone to talk to and listen when they need it.
    I welcome the partnership with Thame Town Council and the financial help it has promised to the Thame Youth Centre to meet the needs of our young people and the community.
  • Gordon Taylor Trustee After hearing the plea for needing volunteers at Thame Youth Cafe several years ago, I didn’t respond immediately but some weeks later an email came round saying that volunteers were really needed for the next day. So I went to the Youth Café the next afternoon and have been a volunteer ever since. I enjoyed being with the young people.
    At a later stage, Linda, our Chair, asked me to join the Thame Youth Projects committee as a Volunteer representative which I agreed to do and have continued to be until I recently took over as Secretary and I offered to take on that role at what is a very important time in the evolution of the TYP with the planning for the new youth centre underway.
  • Illya Teideman Trustee The provision of Youth services in Thame is of paramount importance to the community. As a resident with children growing up in the local area this an obviously worthy cause to support and I am proud to be part of the solution.
  • Paul Cowell Trustee Since landing in Thame some 25 years ago, there has always been a need for wider youth facilities, especially those not associated with sport. Some years ago I became involved in the building of the new skate park. Having met the Thame Youth Projects team, it was the next logical step to become involved. I strongly believe that the wider youth of Thame have been left behind and I see this team taking steps to rectify the situation.
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July 2020 – Consultation 1 on Vision and Location

Where We Are

The Plan is to build on Southern Road Recreation Ground without disturbing the main football pitch or any of the surrounding trees.

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Thame Youth Projects is a group of engaged volunteers, that in September 2019 employed a full-time youth worker. We exist with the express aim of supporting the young people of Thame.

Whilst Thame has a property, which bears the name “Youth Centre”, it no longer functions as one. The original facility closed in 2010 and is now integrated into Lord Williams’s Lower School.

There is good parking already and additional spaces will be added for drop off and pick up.

No plans to lose any trees. The large ones are wonderful and the smaller ones provide good screening next to Southern Road.

No they will remain the same.