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The Youth Centre will be a safe, welcoming and vibrant social hub to serve and support the young people of Thame and the surrounding area.

Opening daily, the Youth Centre will provide additional community space as well as offering a sanctuary for the young people to engage in activities, workshops or to simply relax with friends. Our goal is for them to develop, become confident and to increasingly contribute to the local community.

The building will be a modern, bright and comfortable environment; as well as offering a flexible and accessible space, which will allow other community groups to use it.




We are passionate about making this an ever more enjoyable and vibrant town. We are especially dedicated to making this an amazing place for young people and equipping them for the future.



We will listen carefully to those who use Thame Youth Projects' facilities and seek to be flexible as we strive to meet their needs. 

We recognise that others can be affected by the activities. We will listen to any concerns and make changes to ensure we are a good neighbour.



All our activities (and buildings) will strive to enhance the life of the town. Our endeavours will be designed to be profitable socially, environmentally and economically.


Open to All

Young people, between the ages of 11 and 18, will be able to hang out in the new building. They and their parents/carers will know that they will be safe, valued and welcome.

When not used by the young people the facility will be made available to other groups in our community. Thame is a growing town and modern, top quality and flexible community spaces are in short supply.


October 2021 - Site Agreed.


Detailed proposals now under development.


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