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If you think you might be pregnant, it is important to take a pregnancy test.

The NHS offers more than just scans. They provide everything from initial confidential advice, where to go if you are looking to find support for the whole family, to signposting on where to go if you’ll need to find housing solutions.


Family Lives provides fantastic information and support for the whole family. This article is aimed to parents of teens who have discovered they or their partner are pregnant.As an organisation, they promote families supporting each other but understand this is not always the case. They offer support on almost everything.


Brook provide support from when you first discover you or your partner may be pregnant, through the decision-making process of what to do, until the conclusion. They also provide help and advise on many other topics; Contraception, Pregnancy, STIs, Relationships, Staying Safe Online, Gender, Health & wellbeing, Abuse & violence.


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